Sound Design

Resident Sound Designer for BEAST HOUSE
SD for Les Enfants Terribles' UNITED QUEENDOM
Available for consulting or hire.

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Courtroom Play

Chazz was a phenomenal asset to the team of Courtroom Play as a sound designer. He worked closely with me and the director to quickly and accurately design and create exactly the sounds we needed, whether they were short musical stings or specific, layered SFX. We'd know immediately if they worked or not, and if needed Chazz was able to make alterations remarkably quickly that we could then test out in the room, leading to a quick and satisfying process. I would work with Chazz again in a heartbeat - he's professional, a very fast worker, and incredibly attentive to the needs of the piece. Hire him now! – Jon Gracey (Writer, Courtroom Play)

Chazz was the perfect sound designer for our show. He somehow always knew what we needed even when we didn’t quite know ourselves, he understood how to elevate theatrical moments and use sound to land comedic ones and he worked quickly (which was a blessing in the mad chaos of the Ed Fringe). More importantly, he was an absolute delight to work with and made the whole experience smooth and easy. – Benita de Wit (Director, Courtroom Play)

United Queendom

Chazz has brilliant attention to detail, an encyclopaedic knowledge of reference points and absolute passion for the work.

Furthermore, his knowledge of immersive sound technologies and adaptable, quick-paced approach towards the work really complimented our process as a creative company. As a director, I tend to throw out vague notes and ideas on what I think I want, and Chazz ran with ideas, supplied me with options and helped transform the unconventional, immersive spaces.

Although his work is entirely bespoke, he still manages to bring a signature sound to his projects. An absolute joy to work with! – Christa Harris (Director, United Queendom)

The Beast Trilogy

Chazz is a brilliant sound designer with a real depth, knowledge, and knack for the craft. His ability to work with the material and really listen to what is needed is something that I've used for my shows again and again. –
Lewis Doherty (Creator/Performer, The Beast Trilogy)